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Director of the Institute of Scientific and Pedagogical Education Marina Vladimirovna Sakharova

Deputy Director - Head of the Department Elena Nikolaevna Volodchenkova +7 (499) 166-53-29,  +7 (499) 166-53-73


There are full-time and part-time forms of study in graduate school. The term of study at the full-time postgraduate - 3 years, part-time - 4 years.

During the studies the graduate student listens to a course of the curriculum and passes ongoing examinations and tests. In the first year the following subjects are studied: pedagogy of higher education, research methodology, psychology of higher education, bibliography. In the second year - the mathematical statistics, information technology.

Obligate visiting and participation in scientific seminars, conferences, dissertations are provided. Candidate examinations - a specialty, the history and philosophy of science, a foreign language — are passed in the first two years of training in accordance with an individual plan.

The session on candidate examinations is held twice a year, in March and November. A month before the candidate examination session you must get admission (abstract) and register for the exam in graduate school for the following establishment of the committee  and preparation of protocols.

Graduate students and doctoral candidates must approve the topic of the thesis and an individual plan, which requires special forms "Score Card" and "Individual plan" to fill in, (which can be downloaded from the graduate school website in the "To help graduate students and applicants"), align them with the supervisor (consultant) and the Department,  and submit it to the Department of postgraduate scientific and pedagogical preparation not later than three months from the date of enrollment.

Every year, in April and May is carried out performance review of graduate students and doctoral candidates — check of work in accordance with an individual plan. Graduate students (doctoral candidates) who do not fulfill individual work plan, are subject to expulsion.

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