Historical reference

           Postgraduate study as the main form of teaching staff  training has been existsing at our University since the early 30's. In the meantime the Academic Council of the University was granted the right of receiving the theses for defence for the degree of PhD in pedagogical, medical and biological sciences. First graduate students who successfully defended their thesis during prewar years, were A.T. Brykin, Y.I. Verkhovskiy, A.O. Galustyan, B.S. Gippenreiter, N.A. Lupandina, F.I. Mulikov, N.N. Pashkevitch, F.I. Samoukov, G.F. Shevtchenko, N.N. Sorokin, M.L. Ukran, A.V. Fomitchyov, I.G. Chudinov, N.G. Ozolin.

           In the postwar years post-graduate activity continued to expand. The University, being  a leading educational institution, trains the teaching staff not only for Russia, but also for countries of near and far abroad. In 1994, the postgraduate department was converted to the Department of teaching staff preparation  (UPNPK). Training of graduate students is carried out in two forms: full-time and part-time by 11 specialties.

           For 5 years (2002-2006) in postgraduate have been trained 252 people, about 100 of them presented and defended their thesis. Currently in postgraduate are trained 197 graduate students, 132 degree-seeking students 8 doctoral students. Supervisors of graduate students and doctoral candidates - leading professors, doctors, and as an exception - associate professors.
            In 1988 the Institute opened a doctorate. In 1991, the first class was released.
           Many forces and worries gave to graduate students and doctorants postgraduate heads of different years: V.V. Sokolovsky, V.A. Kovalenko, T.G. Sokolova, N.M. Grigorieva, G.E. Postnova, M.I. Marakina.
           In 2009, was created a new unit - Institute of Science and  Pedagogics Education (INPO), combining the two areas of training: training of master's and postgraduate scientific and pedagogical education. Currently the head of the INPO is PhD., associated professor M.V. Sakharova.
           Today in the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism there are two thesis councils on awarding of doctoral degree (exists since 1968) in specialities 13.00.04, 13.00.08, 19.00.01.



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